May 2, 2021

May 2, 2021: The Church is God's Temple

Today's message is focusing on Ephesians chapter two.

The second chapter of Ephesians continues Paul’s description of where the church sits in relation to God. And Paul is excited about the subject too. Some people will tell you that Ephesians 2 is a mini version of the book Romans. One tiny chapter that covers the breadth of the full sixteen chapters of that book. It shows how God’s righteousness is needed, how it has been provided, how it has vindicated us and what the practical result is in our lives.

I like the book because it is a story of God’s work at reconciliation.  Some have said that this entire chapter parallels the parable of the two brothers - or as some call it, the story of the prodigal son.  That title kind of misses a huge part of Jesus’s message because BOTH of the brothers were children of the father. And that’s what Ephesians 2 is about.  Two members of the same family united together.  And Christ has built a united church body into His temple - a temple which is built with him as its Cornerstone.


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