Church Board

Each church of the Brethren has a Leadership Team or Church Board that is elected by the members of the congregation to carry on the duties of the church between "council" meetings which normally occur every six months.

Each member of the Church Board represents a committee of about 3 members that assist them in their position.

These are the members of the Church Board for 2021

Chair: Doug Dawson

Moderator (Ex Officio, Non-voting): Chad Palmer

Pastor (Ex Officio, Non-voting): Brian Layman

Church Clerk: Kathy Kyser

Church Treasurer (Ex Officio, Non-voting): Diane Cawood

Deacon Chair: Pete Snyder

Christian Education Chair: Janice Kirkpatrick

Ministry and Music Chair: Kathy Kyser

Missions and Outreach Chair: Lisa Snyder

Stewardship Chair: Paul Cawood

Tea Time President:  Janice Kirkpatrick

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